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Every parent is concerned with ensuring that their children are as safe as possible during various games and should be prepared for possible injuries and cuts. From a very young age, children show a diverse desire to be active.


If your child likes to spend time on the playground it is necessary to ensure proper protection in case of danger. The ideal solution is a set of KIDS children's plasters which, thanks to their soft and flexible backing, adjust to the shape of the body ensuring freedom of movement while protecting the application site. The microporous structure of the plaster ensures proper gas exchange without leading to skin maceration and eliminating the risk of skin irritation.

Each set consists of a plaster with a girl's or boy's print and a second plaster with a universal print. Your children will be able to decide for themselves which design they like best. The use of colorful graphics will help to "ease" the pain during injury and will bring a smile to your child's face.

If your child often attends swimming classes, has constant contact with water or practices water sports the best solution is AQUAPRO set which is fully breathable thanks to the thin, microporous structure of the plaster with non-stick absorbent pad ensuring effective and painless dressing changes.

If you are looking for more universal solution then FAMILY PRO set or UNIVERSAL set will allow you not only to give first aid to your child in case of injury but also, thanks to the wide range of plasters in the set, it will be useful in any undesirable situation. It will also help you if there is such a need. Because the priority is to take care of safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Last update: 3/25/2021