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First aid kit is one of the most important items that should be in every home. Regularly checking the contents and checking the expiry dates of medicines and dressings will allow us to avoid unnecessary stress in a situation when a health problem occurs. It is worth stocking up on basic first aid supplies to fully ensure the safety of the entire family. Below you will read and get familiar with important information needed to properly complete the first aid kit at home.


A home first aid kit should contain more supplies than the standard first aid kits we are most familiar with such as car and travel first aid kits.  Probably most accidents happen at home, so pay special attention to the following list of essential products.


Take these medicines only when indicated and for specific conditions. You should not take them for every pain that occurs, but if you are dealing with a chronic illness, you should always have the right medication with you, so make sure you have an adequate supply. It is important that your first aid kit contains all the necessary items depending on your individual needs. Make sure that the first aid kit contains painkillers, antipyretics, anti-inflammatory drugs as well as antidiarrheal drugs with electrolytes. It is worth equipping with disinfectants and saline for washing wounds and cuts. If you are dealing with seasonal allergies, make sure you have adequate supplies of medication for the situation.    

Dressing supplies

plasters are an important group of products that should always be available in the first aid kit at home. You should equip yourself with hypoallergenic, breathable and non-stick plasters. A recommended solution is a set of FAMILYPRO family plasters which are essential during home "disasters", also those of children.  The variety of shapes for each type of abrasion or cut and the availability of waterproof plasters in the set will prove useful in various situations.  Colorful print on one of the types of plasters will relieve and alleviate pain of the youngest, and non-stick absorbent pad will ensure safe and painless change of the dressing.  If the most important thing for you is to be ready for any undesirable situation, equip yourself with UNIVERSAL kit, which will allow you to give first aid in case of abrasions or cuts.  If you need a set for a specific situation (for a trip or sensitive skin) see other products in our offer (link to the product page).   


Remember to regularly verify the expiration dates of dressing supplies and medications to fully maintain proper product qualities. At least twice a year check that all the necessary items are in place, if not, immediately replenish the missing products. In addition, pay attention to how the first aid kit is stored, as ensuring proper conditions will protect products from damage. Do not keep your first aid kit in a warm, humid place like a bathroom or kitchen. Remember, it is the first line of defense against unexpected danger for both your family and visitors, do not underestimate, always be ready to provide first aid. 

Last update: 3/25/2021