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More and more often we have to deal with superficial damage to the epidermis in everyday life. In case of a grand event, an important business meeting, an occurring abrasion may be a discomfort for us.


The ideal solution is to use the TRANSPARENT set, which includes different shapes of plasters depending on the size of the injury. Thanks to their transparent backing they allow observation of the place of application and the non-stick absorbent pad ensures safe and painless dressing changes. The transparent material makes them invisible, so they are suitable for protecting wounds in visible areas, e.g. on the hands or face. The elasticity of the material ensures proper fitting to the shape of the body without limiting the freedom of movement.

This is a set of universal plasters, which can also be used as a standard dressing when injured at home, at work, in the garden. They can be an essential element of every home first aid kit. They will come in handy during travel and excursions due to their variety of shapes and multifunctionality protecting against contamination and contact with water.

Transparent base is breathable, vapor-permeable, providing an adequate gas exchange between the skin and the external environment thus accelerating the wound healing process and not leading to damage and epidermis maturation.

Last update: 3/25/2021