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Sensitive skin is a problem faced by every second person, often seeking help in dermatological and cosmetic offices. Sensitive skin is prone to the harmful effects of external factors leading to the appearance of redness, itching, hives, burning, exfoliation or other unpleasant ailments.


Sensitive skin should not be compared with allergic skin due to the fact that they differ in terms of the mechanism of the formation and development of changes.

The distinguishing feature of sensitive skin is its hyperreactivity, which comes down to overreacting to factors of external origin, which it deals with immediately after contact with an irritant. The skin blushes excessively as a result of hyperreactivity of blood vessels, and shows high susceptibility to irritation due to easy penetration of irritants into its interior as a result of increased skin permeability. The onset of symptoms occurs at the site of irritant action. The mechanism of skin changes is in the epidermis, where the hydrolipidic layer and the cells of the horny layer of the epidermis are destroyed.

If we are dealing with allergic skin, one of the most important differentiating features is its delayed onset of reactions such as redness, erythema, urticaria or allergic rash. Most often the first symptoms appear a few days after contact with a specific stimulus, covering a large area of the body, not necessarily at the site of the irritant. The mechanism of skin allergy formation is triggered by the immune system and occurs at the level of the dermis without epidermal destruction processes.

With age, the skin begins to lose its ability to regenerate. There is a decrease in metabolism, which slows down the replacement of old cells with new ones, and any wounds that occur on the skin take much longer to heal. Elderly people are often exposed to injuries because of thin skin and many diseases typical for this age such as diabetes, obesity and atherosclerosis. The ideal solution in order not to additionally expose such delicate and sensitive skin to the treatment of abrasions and cuts is a set of SENSITIVEPRO, which thanks to the new silicone adhesive formula reduces the risk of skin irritation, provides adequate gas exchange which allows the skin to breathe and the possibility of unsticking and re-sticking allows us to reposition the plaster if we happen to apply it incorrectly on the skin surface.

Last update: 3/25/2021