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Cooking and kitchen is usually a common place for a family, being the heart of every household. Too many responsibilities and too little time encourage us to prepare tasty meals quickly and simply. Haste can lead to making mistakes in the kitchen and small cuts or lacerations, especially on the fingers.

Always be prepared for such an eventuality and equip your kitchen with the necessary kit for first aid in case of cuts such as knife wounds. The recommended solution is the FINGERS PRO set, which will fully protect your hands exposed to cuts. It consists of waterproof, air permeable elastic bandages in different shapes, which ensures proper fitting to the body and does not restrict movement. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the applied plaster peeling off after contact with water or reducing freedom of movement, and thus you will fully concentrate on the practical aspects of cooking.

Because cuts are often painful and bleed a lot, each slice has an absorbent pad with a non-stick coating that absorbs excess blood and prevents it from adhering to the wound for an effective and painless dressing change.

For easy application of the finger patch, refer to the pictorial instructions for use:

Enjoy every moment you spend in the kitchen without worrying about your safety. The kit you choose will protect and soothe superficial wounds on your skin. Remember every dressing of even a minor cut requires proper safety precautions. Be careful and do not touch the wound to avoid infection of the wound as much as possible. Our interference in the wound must be kept to a minimum because the dressing material used has to protect us from secondary infection. In case of a deep cut, seek professional help from a qualified specialist. 

Last update: 3/25/2021