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Active leisure has a beneficial effect not only on physical and mental health, but also on the social activity of both young and old people. It makes it possible to effectively compensate for the losses associated with high professional activity, and does not lead to the isolation of people from each other.


The presence of travel and excursions in our lives initiates learning through new experiences and relationships, and broadens interests and skills.

Physical activity is an essential element for the proper functioning of metabolic and physiological processes in our body. Lack of exercise is often a direct route to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, as well as changes in the spine or joints. We should start taking care of our physical condition from an early age and devote at least one hour a day to physical activity. Earlier development of appropriate habits will protect us from problems that may arise in the future. Replace sitting at the computer, driving a car, riding an elevator with running, walking, climbing stairs, and you will see how such gradual changes will affect your body

It should be remembered that any active leisure can be associated with the risk of superficial skin damage, abrasions or cuts. Therefore, it is important to properly equip the first aid kit with the most important products to provide first aid. In addition to disinfectants and cleansers, plasters with a centrally placed bandage are essential items that should not be missing.

It is always worth having the ACTIVE PRO Active Pack at hand to ensure optimum protection in any extreme situation. It is important during training that the applied plasters do not restrict movement. That is why ACTIVE PRO plasters are soft and flexible, ensuring full freedom of movement especially in body bends such as elbows and knees. The product's waterproof backing eliminates the risk of it coming off when in contact with water and protects against contamination. The centrally placed absorbent pad with a non-stick coating on the wound ensures safe and painless dressing changes

Some of the transparent plasters on the microporous vapour-permeable film allow for discreet protection of the damaged skin layers. A great solution is also the use of AQUA PRO set (link to the products) which includes rectangular plasters allowing full isolation from water in both skin-colored and transparent options.

Last update: 3/25/2021