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A skin burn is tissue damage caused by excessive heat. They occur as a result of a thermal agent acting on the skin such as boiling water, chemicals, electricity, lightning or sunlight. The temperature of the irritant and the exposure time are important factors in determining the severity of the burn.


There are different degrees of burns depending on the severity of the injury. First- and second-degree burns can be treated at home. In case of a third-degree burn, in which the entire skin depth is affected, specialized dressing and treatment of the resulting wounds is required.

First Aid for a Burned Person:

  1. Remove clothing from the burn area to keep the wound free of pressure, foreign objects, dirt.  
  2. then immediately cool the burn area under a cold stream of running water for about 10-15 minutes. Cold water has a soothing effect on pain and speeds up the healing process of the resulting wound.
  3. use of specialized means for the resulting burn with the lightest consistency such as soothing foams Panthenol or ointments and creams with dexpanthenol or allantoin Bepanthen, Alantan. Thanks to the presence of active substances in the above substances bring soothing and pain reduction to the burned skin.
  4. In the case of second-degree burns, in which larger blisters have appeared, apply an antiseptic such as Octenisept. Then apply a foam and sterile dressing - pay particular attention to how it is applied - do not press it into the wound, avoid pressure.
  5. In case of extensive injuries use specialist dressing e.g. Aqua Gel that adheres directly to the wound without sticking to it and absorbs secretion retaining it in its structure so microorganisms do not penetrate the wound base. Aqua Gel cools the burned area, reduces pain and protects against infection. It ensures proper heat exchange and moisture balance.  

The primary preventive measure is to avoid accidents in everyday life. If a burn occurs, first of all the injury site should be cooled down as soon as possible and properly protected. In case of any abnormalities, the appropriate specialist should be consulted as soon as possible.  

Last update: 3/25/2021